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Kancelářská Židle Kloeber Duera XL Big and Tall

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Kloeber Duera XL Chair with Cappuccino Seat
Kloeber Duera XL Chair with Cappuccino SeatKancelářská Židle Kloeber Duera XL Big and Tall
Klöber Kříž
Backrest bar, Aluminium
Body Weight
Sedadlo, Klöber
Seat Height Adjustment
Seat Tilt Adjustment
Nastavitelná hloubka sedáku, Klöber
Bederní opěrka, Klöber
DUERA Headrest
Věšák, Klöber
Klöber Casters
Cena : 39 635 Kč
Cena bez DPH : 32 756 Kč
DPH:21 %
Sleva:20 %
Původní cena s DPH:49 544 Kč
Původní cena bez DPH:40 946 Kč
Ušetřete až do: 379 Eur
Dodavatel je plátcem DPH: EU VAT
Vyrobeno: Germany
Stav produktu: Brand new chair in original packaging
Nosnost: 150 kg
Hmotnost : 35 kg
Rozměry obalu:: 70x74x120 cm
Skladem - Termín dodání (Dny): 1 - 2
Podmínky platí pro: EU
Doprava v rámci EU - zona 1 (AT;CZ;DE;IT): 0.01 Eur
Doprava v rámci EU - zona 2 (BE;FR;LU;NL;PL;SI;SK): 40 Eur
Doprava v rámci EU - zona 3 (BG;DK;EE;ES;HR;HU;LT;LV;RO): 60 Eur
Doprava v rámci EU - zona 4 (EL;FI;IE;PT;SE): 80 Eur
Doprava do Evropy, mimo EU - CH;LI;NO;UK: 99 Eur
Velká a Vysoká Německá Kancelářská Židle Kloeber Duera XL přidává ke stávajícímu standardu širší škálu úprav a rozšiřuje cílovou skupinu o ty, kteří jsou obzvláště vysocí.

Kloeber Duera XL Big and Tall German Office Chair adds a wider adjustment range and offers the special sizes as standard, even in the entry-level chair. This broadens the spectrum of sitters to include taller people.
Kloeber Duera Office Chair offers tall or XL people individual solutions for sitting and maximum seated comfort.
Benefits for Big & Tall users (DUERA XL over DUERA Standard):

Sliding seat + 3 cm.
Seat Height + 9 cm.
Pocket-Sprung Cushion + 2 cm.
Celligence® Seat + 1 cm.
Ø 65 mm casters +1,5 cm.
Height-Adjustable MF Armrests +1,5 cm.
Armrest Width + 6 cm.
Body Weight +25 kg.

 Design Aluminium Black.
Backrest Bar: Polished.
Back/Seat Upholstery: Black Mesh / Cappuccino Fabric.
Seat Cushion: Air-filled Patented Celligence® System.
Seat Height Adjustment: Extended by 9 cm.
Seat Tilt Adjustment: Negative seat tilt of max. -3°.
Body Weight: increased to 150 kg.
Seat Depth Adjustment: 10 cm towards the front.
Lumbar Support: Height-adjustable by 11 cm.
Adjustable Armrests: Multifunction MF arm supports, Black.
Armrests Width Adjustment: Without the use of tools.
Headrest: Height adjustable.
Coat Hanger.
Castors: Ø 65 mm.
Kloeber Duera XL Chair Comfortable Seating Features:
1. Point-Synchronised Mechanism
The chair adapts automatically to every movement sequence of the user.
Opening angle can be limited individually in 3 positions (0° / 16° / 28°).
If you prefer to work for long periods without changing position, you can deactivate the “synchronised movement” by pulling the lever at the front left under the seat upwards.
This locks the seat in position.
Pull the lever upwards again to reactivate the “synchronised movement”.
2. Seat Height Adjustment
The seat height of your swivel chair can be continuously adjusted using a gas spring.
To adjust the height, pull the lever at the front right under the seat upwards.
Safety gas-lifts are available in two height variants:
- 41-55 cm.
- 46-60 cm.
You are seated correctly when your knee joint is at an angle of around 90°.
3. Seat Tilt Adjustment
Continuously adjustable from -3° to +2°.
Automatically returns the spine to its natural S-shaped curvature and prevents postural damage.
When sitting in a forward or upright position, a negative seat tilt of max. -3° is ergonomically most effective.
It prevents sitting with a hunched back and encourages an upright position for the pelvis and spine, the digestive organs are not compromised, the blood and lymph flow to the backs of the knees and thighs is not restricted – well-being is improved.
4. Reclining Position Lock
Opening angle can be limited individually in 3 positions (0° / 16° / 28°).
If you prefer to work for long periods without changing position, you can deactivate the “synchronised movement” by pulling the lever at the front left under the seat upwards.
This locks the seat in position.
Pull the lever upwards again to reactivate the “synchronised movement”.
5. Body Weight Adjustment
Patented quick-set adjustment of the counterpressure of the backrest to the individual body weight: 45 - 125 kg or 70 - 150 kg.
The body weight setting can be rapidly adjusted by means of a lever under the seat.
Turn the lever downwards to increase the backrest counter-pressure.
Turn the lever upwards to reduce the backrest counter-pressure.
6. Seat Depth Adjustment
Sliding seat can be adjusted by 10 cm towards the front.
To accommodate different leg lengths.
Avoids pressure on the front edge of the seat against the backs of the knees, better blood circulation.
Optimum pressure distribution across the ischial bones reduces pressure on the thighs.
7. Lumbar Support
Height-adjustable by 11 cm, can be retrofitted.
Provides additional comfortable support in the region of the lower back.
To adjust the height, simply slide the support up or down.
8. Ergonomic Seat Cushion
Standard Seat
Ergonomic recessed seat pan for optimum pressure distribution.
Celligence® System Seat
Patented celligence® system inside for three-dimensional seat movement.
The celligence® system allows just the right amount of movement while you sit.
Supports both the lower pelvis and the thigh area in three active zones.
The patented celligence® system regulates the hardness of the seat surface in zone one through the individual supply and release of air (Air Comfort).
Layer two, the 3D climatic mesh, guarantees optimal heat balance.
Layer three comprises absorbing moulded foam.
Pocket Spring Seat
75 mm comfort seat, combining a box spring core, viscose foam and wool fleece.
Side panels are stream-lined in black.
The unique combination of four comfort zones ensures the perfect sensation when you sit down.
The pocket-sprung cushion is the basis: The individual springs are enclosed in little pockets. This achieves good firmness.
A pocket-sprung cushion exhibits good point elasticity when pressure is applied. In other words the seat yields exactly at the point of body contact, which prevents sagging.
This is topped by a 15 mm layer of durable cold foam with good elastic properties.
Then there is another softer layer of 10 mm cold foam.
The fourth comfort zone is made of 10 mm moulded foam with a high restoring force and elasticity for exceptional sitting comfort and a particularly soft sensation on sitting down
When these four comfort zones interact, the body weight is evenly distributed without pressure points.
The resulting pressure relief is gentle on the spinal discs, pelvic bones and muscles, as well as improving the circulation.
9. Ergonomic Bakrest
The backrest is designed in an S-shape, which is ergonomically adapted to the spine: body-orientated profiling of the backrest.
3D mesh that is anchored on all four sides. Dimensionally stable and carefully worked for optimum individual support. Also with padding.
The backrest counteracts neck and back pain and central fatigue.
The stomach is not under pressure, the digestive organs are not affected – this ensures a feeling of well-being.
10. MF Arm Supports
Robust, high stability armrests in polished aluminium or black.
Height-adjustment by 11.5 cm with horizontal forward movement of 8 cm.
Armrest width can be adjusted to each side by 5 (+3) cm and swivelled by 30° left and right.
Setting can be locked in the respective position.
The arm supports top is made of polyurethane (PU).
11. Adjustable Headrest
Provides support for the neck muscles.
Height-adjustable by 7 cm and tilting 40°.
Covered with stain-resistant “SkaiTec” black, a breathable PU-material.
Headrest in leather for models in leather upholstery. Can be retrofitted.

12. Castors
Load-dependent braked double soft castors:
- Standard 
Ø 50 mm.
- The chair rolls on large-diameter Ø 65 mm casters to minimize resistance when moving while seated and reduces strain on the lower back.

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